Turtle Beach Xbox 360 Best Gaming Headsets

$278.00 $190.00

  • Booming high/low- Clear sound quality from your games with neodymium 50mm speakers and amplifier.
  • Perfect audio balance- use of in-line amplifier for games adjustments and separate chat volume along with bass control.


The Turtle Beach Xbox 360 Headsets offers an astounding experience to Xbox 360 games. The headset advances clear communication, extra-ordinary sound and a higher comfort level. In terms of adventure to life, the assistance if offered by an in-line amplifier and 50mm speakers. The microphones can be positioned flexibly.

A headset that purely offers in-games accessibility to the next level retaining the perfect sound that boost the excitement level of the player while playing.

Best of Xbox 360 headsets includes the following;

  • Turtle beach Ear force XP seven

An official-licensed headset that is built with superb quality containing soft ear-cushion that allows one the entire-day wearing comfort. The headset further offers customization options to the users.

  • Turtle beach Ear force X12

A reputable household name for headsets whose mic is known to be the welcome addition that can be affordable. It is equipped with in-built amplifier and 50mm speakers.

  • Tritton Warhead 7.1

The headset designed exclusively for Xbox 360 that last for 16 hours on single charge. With leather noise-canceling earpods, the headset offers comfort. The wireless chip makes it straightforward.

  • Astro gaming A40

A lightweight, flexible design that has in-line mic control. It is wrapped with a mic and cable system. It also adds some additional features.

  • Turtle beach Ear force XP510

A headset made of plastic that is exclusively designed for games. It has its own on-board controls with input options coupled.

Turtle Beach Xbox 360 Specification:

  • Compatible platforms- Xbox 360
  • Headset style- Over the ear
  • Earpiece type- Stereo
  • Power source- Plug-in
  • Height- 8.75 inches
  • Depth-  3.75 inches
  • Weight- 1.2 pounds
  • Color- Black
  • Connector size- 3.5mm
  • Foldable design- No
  • In-line Remote- No
  • Detachable Microphone- No
  • Noise canceling- No
  • Warranty parts- Not applicable

Turtle Beach Xbox 360 Features:

  • Consistent with Xbox 360 and personal computer.
  • Comfortable position for chatting that is allowed by sensitivity and flexible boom microphone.
  • Play back sound directly in the speaker.
  • No battery required by USB connection.
  • Thickly-padded headband and mesh ear cushions that makes it comfortable.


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