Clarity Walker PTS-500-OP5-00 Push-To-Signal Handset

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The PTS is for radios, FAA, dispatch consoles or where 6-conductor cord is required

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Plantronics PTS-500-0P5-00 Push to Signal Handset, Black

The Walker PTS-500-0P5-00 is a special device that is designed for special phone functions. It allows users to initiate special phone functions like switching to a 2-wy radio when the need arises. This Push-to-signal handset is unmatched in terms of its quality. It is made of the finest of components which enables it to withstand the most demanding conditions. The Walker PTS-500-0P5-00 is designed for enhanced durability.  It is also made of sturdy materials which are the best in the industry. The Walker Push-to-signal is available in a unique black color. The device is also very simple to use and very reliable. Unlike other similar handsets, the Walker PTS-500-0P5-00 from Plantronics is made according to industry standard. It is produced with features that make it more suitable for radios, FAA as well as dispatch consoles. In fact, it is suitable for applications where the 6-conductor cord is needed. It comes with noise canceling feature which enables it to offer excellent voice clarity even in a noisy environment. The Walker Push-to-signal 500-0P5-00 handset is unmatched in every way. It also comes with a special price tag and unique features that are worth the value for money. This product is also backed up with a two-year limited warranty.

More Information:

  • Push-to-Signal (PTS) Initiates radio signal transmission
  • OP5 – 25 Foot coil cord, hardwired with a 6-wire dual prong plug
  • CRBN – Carbon Transmitter – 8 Volts DC
  • PTS500OP5 Color: 00 Black


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