Clarity Walker PTS-500-NC-1-OP4-00 Push-To-Signal Handset

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The PTS is for radios, FAA, dispatch consoles or where 6-conductor cord is required.

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Black 15′ Spade Tip Coiled Cord with PJ425 Plug

The Walker PTS-500-NC-1-OP4-00is a unique communication gadget designed for users who want to perform special phone functions like switching comfortably to a 2-way radio. This Push-to-signal handset from Walker is designed with the finest components of material to withstand harsh environmental conditions. And unlike other similar devices, the Walker Push-to-signal is very reliable and comfortable to use. It is made in the United States of America and backed up with a two-year limited warranty. There are lots of features to enjoy this unique device. It is hardwired with a special coil cable that is 15 foot long. If you work in an area where intensive calls are being made or where the noise can even make it difficult to communicate to other people with word of mouth, the Walker PTS-500-NC-1-OP4-00 this device is also very useful. It comes with a special noise canceling microphone designed for use in areas where the background noise might be very loud. This Walker Push-to-signal is highly recommended for professionals who know the value of excellent communication to the growth of their businesses. The device also has the capacity to reduce background noise by a value of 3 – 4 decibels.

Walker’s Push-to-Signal handsets are backed by FAA Contracts. Designed with durability in mind the PTS 500 OP4 handsets are hardwired with a 15-foot coil cable that ends in a dual Prong plug. This handset has a built-in Noise Canceling microphone designed for areas where background noise is very loud.

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  • Push-to-Signal (PTS) Initiates radio signal transmission.
  • NC-1: Noise canceling mic, carbon compatible. Reduces background noise by 3 to 4 decibels.
  • OP4: 15 Foot coil cord, hardwired with a 6-wire dual prong plug
  • CRBN: Carbon Transmitter – 8 Volts DC
  • PTS500NC1OP4 Color: 00 Black



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