Clarity W6-KM-EM80-00 Amplified Handset (Black)

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Clarity W6-KM-EM80-00 Handset from Plantronics is compatible with a lot of devices.

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The Plantronics W6-KM-EM80-00 Handsetis a device that is designed for your convenience while making calls. This handset is designed with quality materials and it is well-shaped for you to handle. This handset is specially designed to work well with virtually all types of telephone except for those that have a dial pad in the handset. This handset is a wise buy for call center agents or people who work in a busy or noisy environment. It is specially designed to make it easier for users to hear in places with intermittent or loud background noises. This device is also designed for users who want to initiate a private conversation. It produces quality sound that will make both you and your callers enjoy your conversations anytime. The Plantronics Clarity Amplified Handset Black W6-KM-EM80-00 comes with lightweight. It is basically designed for users to enjoy receiving calls for hours without any discomfort. The Plantronics W6-KM-EM80-00 Handsetis built with high-quality materials. It is an electronic device everyone will enjoy using no matter their location or environment. The voice transmitted through this handset is very clear and it does not produce annoying sounds like other devices.


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